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    Novel –Dragon King’s Son-In-Law– Dragon King’s Son-In-Law

    Old Greek Stories

    Chapter 327 deserted shape

    The South Sea Dragon Clan and the North Beach Dragon Clan both had businesses on area that had partners.h.i.+ps while using Mingri Crew . Now, these projects ended up either ceased or postponed, and a opportunity that had been arranged 30 days ago was dress yourself in hold also .


    She believed Hao Ren wouldn’t arrive these days immediately after yesterday’s event . All things considered, Zhao Guang declared that the Eastern Water Dragon Clan might reduce Hao Ren off, that was indeed an uneasy matter .

    “Hey! What makes you staring at me!” Observing Hao Ren observing her inside of a daze which has a couch within his fingers, Zhao Yanzi yelled and frowned .

    Hao Ren was here accomplishing the cleanup only this as soon as, and the man made it happen very thoroughly for her relaxation . In fact, she simply had to perform washing throughout the week!

    She idea Zhao Yanzi can be slow-moving together with her cleaning responsibility, but to her astonished, Zhao Yanzi obtained completed it by using these effectiveness and efficiency!

    If remnants with the marker pens left behind in the whiteboard were actually not cleaned accurately, they will basin in to the board and grow into long-term . For that reason, right after cleaning up it once, Hao Ren washed the wipe and patiently waited for those table to dried out up a little before cleaning up it an additional time .

    Currently, the ‘blackboards’ were definitely different from individuals in Hao Ren’s time . These people were now made out of white colored synthetic, along with the lecturers utilised shade marker pens in lieu of chalk . Nonetheless, the entire process of cleaning the boards was the same .

    “Grandfather, Auntie,” Hao Ren greeted them .

    She was turning the dozens of seats on top of the desks, cleansing the blackboard, and sweeping the floor… Hao Ren pushed the doorway available and entered .

    “Will you be executing it on their own?” Hao Ren shut the cla.s.sroom doorway and asked her .

    She believed Hao Ren wouldn’t come right now following yesterday’s occurrence . Of course, Zhao Guang asserted that the Eastern side Water Dragon Clan might cut Hao Ren out of, that had been indeed an uneasy subject matter .

    None of us pointed out the annoying issue that they had last night .

    When Zhao Hongyu carried the dishes to the dining area, she was astonished to find out that Hao Ren got went back with Zhao Yanzi .

    “It sucks being a midsection-schooler due to the fact you should do the cleaning up,” Hao Ren mumbled and walked in .

    “You… Jerk!” she suddenly shouted, and her fists. .h.i.t Hao Ren’s shoulder blades regularly .

    Light Splitting Sword Shadow Browse could process and break up these makes a difference!

    After the moment of factor, he went in and also a appearance . Zhao Yanzi claimed that she was cleaning up, but it was more inclined that she was simply being lectured by a instructor for misbehaving .

    Zhao Yanzi looked at what went down over the last matter of moments incredulously and gasped in the clean up cla.s.sroom .

    The somewhat crystal clear liquid instantly switched messy .

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    “Doesn’t make a difference how strong she is, she wouldn’t dare to go into the men’s washroom!

    Cleaning up responsibility just after education was brimming with unimportant aspects and tedious, plus the clean up cla.s.sroom would get back on its prior messy state the 2nd morning . No surprise Zhao Yanzi was impatient .

    The top of the the table had been a little high for Zhao Yanzi, and she would have to do the washing over a couch and shift the seat constantly to get to other areas of the table . Not surprising she a.s.approved the annoying work to Hao Ren .

    Soon after two rounds of cleaning, the whiteboard was as s.h.i.+ny for a looking glass with virtually no remnants of markers .

    She paused for just two mere seconds and investigated Zhao Guang before maintaining, “I prefer to sever ties to you guys and move to Hao Ren’s house . ”

    “Just what are you checking out? Put the filthy standard water and wash the mop . ” Zhao Yanzi rushed more than and pressed the mop into Hao Ren’s hands and wrists before kicking the liquid pail .

    The dust from the cla.s.sroom belonged to earth!

    “What more are you looking for?” Zhao Yanzi glared at him .

    While he was messing along with her, Hao Ren sensed almost like he acquired went back to his center institution several years, and Zhao Yanzi was his nemesis during the cla.s.s .

    Her att.i.tude toward lifestyle was entirely distinct from Xie Yujia who attempted to just make everything properly .

    “Exactly what are you investigating? Dump the unclean drinking water and thoroughly clean the mop . ” Zhao Yanzi hurried around and forced the mop into Hao Ren’s palms before kicking the water bucket .