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    Awesomefiction MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master webnovel – Chapter 7 – Back To Real Life earthquake fluffy -p3

    Novel –MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master– MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master

    Chapter 7 – Back To Real Life warn woozy

    He consumed enough to keep him afloat for upcoming 24 hours when he would now initiate his 1st approach of making funds .

    Fatty was astonished when he noticed that Rudra acquired still left his home to reside on rent out untill he built a little something of himself, the usually easygoing Rudra was focused on earning money ….. this soothed his intellect.

    ” Whoaaa… Internet marketing a blacksmith , Hazelgroove kingdom…. Im at stage 3 you know ”

    They compensated the expenses and endured around depart

    Called home to let his mom and dad know he was accomplishing excellent…

    He was overjoyed because he noticed oily Kalash enter in the bistro, a lot of sentiments welled up inside him but all he could show had been a cheeky teeth

    there were no farewell phrases between guys but

    He had to place a mask on his actual personality

    Then both bursted laughing.

    there were clearly no farewell terms between men but

    wherein a burly mankind having a Hitler like moustache greeted him

    He chased following a mindless woman who dumped her the earliest opportunity when a person greater than him showed her attraction , interesting point he was really planning on marrying her .

    Most adventurers did not know this however but even though becoming degree 10 you can not simply go to the capital , you first necessary to obtain a authorization message through the small town supervision company initially.

    Even though he seemed his exact lighthearted personal he seemed older….. considerably a lot more adult like anyone within his 40’s …. not really a 21 year old kid.

    They talked quite a bit finally made a decision that certain moment probably if one begun a guild other would definitely be a part of him.

    He is probably not an overpowered individuality in real life like he is with the sport environment

    twenty years of lifestyle coached him the difference between who mattered and who did not, as part of his ‘past life’

    The real world became a humorous area for Rudra

    They described every thing and absolutely nothing over lunch time

    He might not be an overpowered figure in the real world like he is in the game community

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    ‘ Omega ‘ got to look at then that has a whitened display he was rear at blackwater small town.

    ” What category did you pick?? , And which kingdom?”Unhealthy questioned exitedly

    His school buddies stayed longer especially greasy Kalash on the other hand he never valued that link.

    Untill noone knew that he was ‘Shakuni’ he might be excellent fending for themself in game .

    He walked to the community supervision business

    The Yandere Prince’s Fleeing Cinderella

    Section 7 – Back To Real World

    He was overjoyed because he spotted oily Kalash get into the eating place, a variety of emotions welled up inside him but all he could demonstrate was a cheeky grin

    is there a limit to everything

    Most adventurers did not know this yet but even with turning into levels 10 you could potentially not simply enter the capital , you first of all wanted to acquire a acceptance note coming from the town management business office 1st.

    that may seem like it states

    ” Properly have you heard of the gamer ‘ Shakuni’ that guy is sooo tired …. he or she is aldready at level 10 , can you believe it ….. I choice he or she is the daughter of the sport maker or something “.

    The Adventures of Puss in Boots, Jr.

    Even though he seemed his same carefree self he appeared adult….. significantly considerably more mature like a person in his 40’s …. no 21 yr old young child.

    “yo a****le”

    Perfectly he had not been useful to this soo would you blame him?